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Commercial Vehicle Brake Test

Is your HGV commercial vehicle in need of a brake test? Then be sure to choose our expert team today. Brake testing is a service that uses an automated weighing method that precisely determines the braking efficiency to safely test the vehicle’s braking system while it is stationary. Here at MT Car & Commercial, our MOT test centre offers extensive and tried-and-tested brake tests. To book in a service, please call us.

How It Works

With this testing technique, our experts can evaluate the braking force applied to each wheel and any imbalances across the axles. They can also test parking brakes and emergency brakes without running the risk of an accident from a malfunction. Every six weeks, truck and trailer brakes need to be inspected, and this includes the yearly test. So, if your commercial vehicle is overdue a test, be sure to book one in as soon as possible in our MOT test centre.

Importance Of Brake Testing

DVSA enforcement inspectors are discovering that brake performance testing is not done as frequently as it should be. And more often than not, it is done to a poor quality. This leaves the state of the brakes very unstable. This is due to the rising strain on the HGV industry.

You will receive a complete brake test print-out that complies with DVSA standards after your brake test, which you can save for your records as evidence that our fully compliant experts completed the examination in accordance with industry standards.

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