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Engine Diagnostics

For state-of-the-art engine diagnostics checks, contact MT Car & Commercial today. We can identify a range of problems and reset dashboard warning lights for your convenience. Get in touch today for more information or to book your vehicle in for a check-up.

Electronic Control Unit Services

We can use state-of-the-art kit to log into your vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU), allowing us to carry out a range of services, including:

To book your vehicle in for a detailed diagnostics check, contact our team today.

Dashboard Warning Lights

A new warning light on your dashboard could mean a whole range of things. Whether it’s your engine management light or your service light, it can be a little confusing. If you’re in any doubt, it’s best to book your vehicle in for a diagnostics check. This can help get to the root of the problem, and reset any annoying lights.

Identify Problems Early

Engine diagnostics allows our mechanics to identify any potential issue your vehicle might be experiencing before it causes a serious problem such as a breakdown or an accident. So, if you’re looking for a simple solution that could help ensure the long-term safety of your vehicle, this could be a great option for you. Contact our team today to find out more.

Contact MT Car & Commercial

For more information or to book a slot for your vehicle, contact our team today.

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