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We are fully qualified and equipped to carry out a wide range of vehicle repairs, helping keep your car or van on the road. Whether you’ve experienced a breakdown or want to carry out some preventative maintenance, contact our team today for a service you can trust.

Mechanical & Electrical Repairs

We can repair and replace a comprehensive range of mechanical and electrical components, including:

Read on to find out more about some of our most popular services.


Modern exhausts are complex systems with many different components. With all these different parts playing important roles, there are lots of things that can go wrong. If you notice any problems with your exhaust, such as visible damage or an unusual amount of smoke, contact our garage immediately. We offer specialist repairs for a wide range of exhaust-related issues.

Brakes & Clutches

We specialise in a variety of brake repairs, including replacement pads and discs when necessary. It might be stating the obvious, but your brakes are the most important safety component in your vehicle. So, if you’ve noticed anything unusual, such as increased stopping distance or excessive noise, make sure you get your brakes checked immediately by one of our specialists. We also offer clutch replacements and repairs.

Cam Belts

Your cam belt or chain helps regulate the timing of your engine. As such, it is an extremely important part that must be properly maintained, and repaired or replaced quickly if anything goes wrong. To help avoid an unexpected breakdown, have your cam belt checked by our expert team. Contact us today for more information.

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