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We offer a wide range of both budget and branded tyres for cars, vans and more. Plus, we can provide a wheel balancing service to help you get the most out of your new purchase. Contact our team today to discuss your needs.

Something for Every Budget

We can fit a wide range of industry-leading tyre brands, including:

However, if money is tight, we can provide you with a variety of budget tyre options for a reliable solution that doesn’t break the bank. All of our tyres are brand new and meet our high standards of quality and consistency. So, whatever your budget, we’ve got you covered.

Run Flat Tyres

Run flat tyres feature reinforced walls, allowing them to continue functioning even after a puncture. This allows you to get your car to its destination safely, without having to change a wheel at the side of the road. It also means that if you experience a puncture, you are more likely to remain in control of your vehicle, dramatically increasing your safety. For more information, contact our team today.

Wheel Balancing

We also offer wheel balancing services to make sure your tyres are weighted evenly. This makes sure your tyres wear at the same rate, allowing you to get maximum value for money out of your new set. To book a wheel balancing service alongside your tyre fitting, speak to a member of our team.

Contact MT Car & Commercial

For more information or to book a slot for your vehicle, contact our team today.

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